My name is Stijnie Thuijs, 22. I am a Dutch alumni. I followed the Bachelor program Media en Cultuur (Media and Culture) successfully in three years and after that the Master in New Media at the University of Amsterdam. Currently I live in Amsterdam, but before that I lived in Laren which is close to Hilversum and the Media Park. My interests lie in new media because of its novelty, the steady growth in popularity and the all-round integration of it in our daily lives. Gaining a better understanding of this phenomenon is really important for the present and the future way we all behave on every level of our existence as humans.

On this blog I present the public publishings I did over the course of my student career. Some were mandatory, others I did for gaining experience in blogging, for instance in conference blogging. Either way, it seemed useful to collect all of the blogposts by me that are out there into my own blog. Links to the original websites will be provided. Occasionally I will write blogs especially for this blog. Some of the blogposts will be in Dutch, the rest in English. You can also find my two theses about YouTube here.

A short explanation of the archives:

Metareporter is the blog we worked with on the UvA course ‘Digital Practices’, using Dutch newspapers as a source for writing material.
Read all my Metareporter posts here. (Dutch)

Masters of Media
Masters of Media is the official blog of the Masters program of New Media.
Read all my Masters of Media posts here. (English)

Art and Electronic Media
Art and Electronic Media is the blog accompanying the course ‘Inventing the Future’, concerning New Media Art.

Economies of the Commons (2)

Economies of the Commons (2) (in short Ecommons), is a conference on economic issues concerning the web.

Video Vortex
Video Vortex is a conference on online video.


One comment

  1. Laura Marks

    Hello Stijnie. I’ve just come across your wonderful review of Enfoldment and Infinity. Thank you! I especially appreciate your examples of manners of unfolding in Google. Best wishes for your future writing.

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